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Choose, mix and match from our range of classes below. Each class consists of short bouts of high intensity interval rounds of both resistance and cardio-vascular training. Your body will be consantly challenged throughout every class as you will be using a variety of equipment along with bodyweight exercises. Not only will you achieve amazing sustainable results you will also learn how to train in a safe effective way.


Our main goal from the classes are to help you improve your health, strength and wellbeing which allows you to go and enjoy the things you love to do most, whether it's something as challenging as running a marathon, taking part in charity events like Hell'n'Back, to something like running around the parks with your kids or simply just having a better quality of life. Classes are restricted to the amount of people who can take part, this is to ensure that you get the help and encouragement you need to achieve the best results possible.


Every person who wishes to participate in a class must book into the desired class located at the bottom of the Timetable page.

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